Sunday, July 25, 2010

Charming Shoes

The new trend is chain and charms on your shoes! look at this video for the latest ideas!

Charming School Ruler Idea!

All rulers look alike...Not any more! Add our bead chain to our cute school charms, or your favorite charm, and a 9mm split ring , attach to the hole at the end of your ruler.... and soooo cute and charming!!

Teachers....why not buy charms for your students to earn to attach to their rulers? great reward idea!!!
make sure to go to our

Back Pack Zipper Pull

Yet another way to personalize your students school property. Add your students favorite charm to their back pack zipper, and not only is it custom, cute, but unique!! SO easy to do... Put our zipper pull , only .10 cents to one of our charms...79 cents and instant personalizaion!
Try it they'll like it.

Charming Back to school Sweat Shirt Zipper pull

It's already time to think about going back to school!
Here's a great way to identify your son or daughters sweatshirt....many times they do mix them up with their friends!!
Why not personalize their very own zipper pull! Pick out your childs charm by what their likes are , add it to our zipper pull, whalla.... Your own personalized sweatshirt! Cute, cute, Maybe they remember to bring their sweatshirt home!!

Charming Ideas!!

Add a 9mm split ring to any of our charms and add it to our 18 inch sterling silver snake chain and presto, you have a beautiful necklace! Easy, great present for yourself or any friend, a baptism, or any occassion. easy and affordable!!!