Friday, July 20, 2012

Zipper Bracelet

The newest trend of the cute zipper bracelet is easy for all ages to make. 1. Get a 7 inch zipper in black, grey, whatever color ( Just make sure that it has metal teeth. 2. Cut off all the cloth of the zipper 3. burn the edges, so they won't fray. 4. punch a small hole at the bottom of the zipper, Place a 6mm split ring into hole. 5. place an lobster claw that is on an 6mm split ring through the zipper hole. 6. attach your favorite charms onto the split rings. 7. the charms used here are from they are only .99 cents each, The antique key and the ornate heart were used on this bracelet, split rings and lobster claws were also used from this site! So pretty, yet inexspinsive!

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